Fur Storage – On-Site

One of the most important aspects of fur care includes professional storage. During Chicago’s warm summer months, you must protect your fur from heat damage to the leather. Fur storage keeps your fur’s leather soft and supple allowing for longer wear.

At York Furrier we operate on-site climate controlled vaults to protect your fur investment from heat, mildew, moth damage, and theft. Temperature and moisture levels are controlled to preserve the leather and its fur. We prevent your precious furs from getting damaged in Chicago’s warm, moist summers.

For your convenience, York Furrier offers a bonded pick-up and delivery service to many cities in the Chicagoland area. Our York Furrier employee will safely transport your coats from your home or business to the security of our storage vaults. From the moment your fur enters York Furrier you can be assured that our fur professionals will treat it with the utmost care and respect.

No appointment is necessary to drop-off your garment(s) at either store location; or, call 630-832-2200 to schedule a pick-up from our Elmhurst location.


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