Advantages to Summer Fur Storage  



As much as we love cool weather for obvious reasons (hello daily excuse to wear gorgeous furs!) this year we can’t help but welcome summer with open arms. Dear al fresco dining, it’s been too long! And while your wardrobe takes a break from furs for a while, it’s important to keep those fashionable garments protected during the hot, humid summer months. Haven’t professionally stored your furs in the past? Here is a rundown of the benefits and some details about the services offered at both York Furrier store locations in Elmhurst and in Deer Park.




Heat and Humidity: The primary reason for professionally storing your fur coats, parkas, vests, etc. (besides making room in your closet for cute sun dresses) is the heat and humidity factor. Furs are susceptible to climate damage because they are a natural material, just like a pair of leather boots is susceptible to water damage. Even if your home storage option – say, a closet in the guest room – is kept cooler all year long, there’s no guarantee that the humidity level is maintained. Home air-conditioning systems often create high humidity in your rooms which is fine for humans, not for furs. Note, that in the winter months, it’s also important to keep your furs in a place without a direct light or heat source i.e. avoid overhead light fixtures, large picture windows, and heating vents.

Insects: Finding that your gorgeous designer sheared mink flounce coat has become home to a family of moths is NOT how you want to kick off fur season come fall/winter. Even in the cleanest of homes there’s a chance that little critters could make their way into your closet. Why take a chance? Be sure your furs and shearlings are protected from vermin in York Furrier’s on-premises vault.




Space: It’s important that during the warmer months fur garments are given enough space for air to circulate around them. This prevents any moisture that may be present from settling and causing mold or funky smells. Merely shoving your coat in the back of the closet can also cause matting and creasing, especially if you’re using a plastic wrap or a garment bag. This will ultimately cost you in repair and reconditioning work, so prevention is essential.


Money Saver: By heeding to the advice above and taking care of your furs properly today, you’ll save money and hassle in the long run. Cleanings will help preserve your garments outer beauty and protect the pelt on the inside. Fur storage is a necessity not a luxury. You’ve invested in this gorgeous piece up front, so treat it well throughout the years to extend usage into the decades.




Our on-premises humidity and temperature controlled storage vaults in Elmhurst and in Deer Park protect your fur and fine outerwear garments from sunlight, excessive heat, and provide ample space for each garment to prevent crushing the fur. During the summer months, York Furrier cares for more than 10,000 garments, keeping each one safe and secure. And, we accept more than just furs! We’ll safely store your valuable items from antique clothing and sports jerseys to plush velvet curtains and ornate liturgical vestments. If you have questions about fur storage or cleaning, call either one of our store locations (Elmhurst City Centre 630-832-2200 or Deer Park Town Center 847-550-2200) to speak with a knowledgeable member of the York Furrier Staff. We look forward to assisting you with all your fur and fine outerwear needs.