Creative Ways to ReDesign, ReFURbish and RePurpose Your Old Fur

Ever wonder what to do with that old fur coat just hanging in the back of your closet? The one you either inherited from grandma or purchased decades ago and no longer fits properly; or perhaps the styling is totally dated? We love the idea of transforming it into an on trend, more au courant fur piece (like ditching the sleeves for a chic vest look!). And for those on the go, we suggest shortening from a full length fur coat to an easier to wear every day walking coat length. Besides, restyling, the possibilities go way beyond wearable outerwear clothing. Take a look at a few ways the Design Team at York Furrier is able to repurpose your beloved fur garment into something you’ll surely LOVE showing off again! Home Sweet Home. Instantly upgrade your living space by turning your old fur coat into a decorative pillow, fur throw, rug, or chair cover. Dark furs, like natural sable and ranch mink, are great for high traffic areas because they won’t show dirt as quickly. Fox and Tibetan lamb along with other long hair furs make cozy comforters. And unleash your wild side with a spotted or striped animal print for pillows. Our expert staff will work with you to design a luxurious new accent piece. One that you’ll cherish for years to come.


 photo 1 photo 3 photo 4


The Little Things. Accessories like mittens, gloves, headbands, scarves, detachable wrist cuffs or boot trim are a fabulous way to keep your old coat “wearable” while making the look your own. The York Staff will evaluate the size (and condition) of your old fur garment to determine if a matching set (like mittens and headband) are possible. Looking for a glam statement piece? A custom muff/purse combination or a chic clutch provides a dazzling way to utilize your well-loved fur. And these make great gifts – maybe for a sister or cousin who also shares a memory or two of the treasured piece.


  cuff mink_wrap fur purse


Cute and Couture. We love when our clients get creative about turning a cherished garment into something fresh, new and totally unexpected. Teddy Bears make the perfect gift for the newborn in the family, while a fur champagne bottle wrap would certainly wow any stylish soiree hostess. Made popular by Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi (with the help of the Kardashian clan) fur purse charms are everywhere this year, and we’ve fully embraced the fun fur accessory trend. York Furrier features mink or fox key chains and purse charms in Chicago team colors too - Go Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks and Cubs!


  teddybear bottle_wrap purse_charms


Whether you're looking to create a new coat from your old fur – or feel inspired by one of the innovative options above – the York Furrier Staff and Design Team are available in the Elmhurst or Deer Park store to help. Follow York Furrier on Facebook to see how York clients are using our talents (and their old furs) to Repurose and ReFURbish something old into something new again!