Essential Fur Care Services

Thanks to a long, cold and snowy winter, chances are your fur garments put in a good deal of work keeping you chic and cozy. Now that spring has arrived and warmer weather is hopefully on the way, it’s time to think about storage, cleaning, and repairing your winter garments; or perhaps your older fur coat requires altering or restyling. And, for the fur garment you no longer wear, it's a great time to consider trading it in for a lightweight, versatile new fur for every day use. At York Furrier, we are experts at providing essential care to keep your fur coats, fine outerwear jackets and accessory items looking fabulous. Below you’ll find details about some of our professional, on-premise services for all your fur and fine outerwear garments (ALL STORE LABELS ARE WELCOME!).

Fur Cleaning: Everything from beauty products, body oils, pollution, dust and smoke can get trapped in your coat's fibers throughout the season, so it’s important to give it a thorough cleaning and conditioning on a yearly basis. Especially after this brutal winter season, cleaning will be imperative to remove any salt stains from fur hems and silk linings in order to prevent permanent damage to your garment. A do-it-yourself approach to cleaning a fur is not a good idea. Furs should never be thrown in the washer/dryer, don't brush the fur, and don't iron or steam your garment. And while dry cleaners are great for clothing fabrics, the chemicals are not appropriate for your furs, shearlings (pictured below left) or leathers (below right). Trust all your fur and fine outerwear pieces to the knowledgeable staff at York Furrier. Your garment will be carefully inspected, then, using state-of-the-art technology combined with old world craftsmanship, the cleaning and conditioning process will restore your fur's luster, maintain the pelt's suppleness, and ensure that your fur garment will be as beautiful as the day you purchased it.


Spanish Merino Hooded Shearling Lamb Jacket with Mahogany Mink Trim and Sash Belt Black dyed Nappa Lamb Leather Car Coat with Detachable Shearling Lamb Collar


Fur Storage: Once temperatures are consistently above 70 degrees, it's time to get your furs out of hot, crowded home closets and into either of York Furrier's on-premise, alarmed storage vaults. Both the Elmhurst City Centre and the Deer Park Town Center locations offer secure, above ground storage vaults that are maintained for both temperature (between 40 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit - drastically colder than home air conditioning!) and humidity (between 45 to 50%) levels. And though a home cedar closet may deter moth damage, we do not recommend keeping your furs in cedar for an extended period since it will absorb the cedar odor and the wood will draw moisture away from your garment causing the pelt to become dry and brittle. For long term care, your cherished coats, jackets, vests and more will be safe, secure, and well maintained in the ideal climate-controlled environment at York Furrier.


Fur Trade-Ins and Consignment: Out with the old and in with the new! If you have a fur that simply is spending more time in the closet than on you, bring it in, and a member of the York Staff will provide a generous trade-in allowance towards the purchase of a new fur garment that better suits your lifestyle and fashion sense. York Furrier also conducts a consignment program to try to sell your used garments. The twice a year used fur sale, is a highly promoted and well attended event. To participate, bring your garment to our Elmhurst store location. Once a member of the York Staff has assessed your fur garment, they will provide an estimated sale price and have you sign the consignment agreement. You may be required to have the garment professionally cleaned at your expense. Once the garment is sold, we will notify you and send out a check for your portion of the consignment amount. Both the trade-in and consignment programs are great ways to get the most out of your coat - even if you are no longer are fond of it.


Fur Repairs, Alterations and Restyling: If you’ve loved wearing the same fur coat for years (maybe even decades), chances are it may be time for some tender loving care … or just a fun update! The talented furriers and finishers at York Furrier are able to replace and/or repair linings, closures, buttons, hooks, zippers, clasps, rips and tears. You name it, we’ve seen it all. Before you take to it with your own needle and thread – which can be a risky business – let one of our expert tailors do the work for you. And when it comes to alterations, whether you want a shorter hem, less shoulder volume or narrower sleeves, let us customize and transform your old jacket into something you’ll love well into the future.


Dominic Bellissimo Designed Camel Cashmere Walking Coat, Chenille Scarf, Mahogany Mink Hobo Purse, Leather Gloves


Your fur and fine outerwear coats are an investment. Be sure to arrange for expert care for your mink, sheared beaver (above left), shearling, cashmere (above right) or leather garments by bringing them to York Furrier. Stop by either our Elmhurst City Centre or Deer Park Town Center locations to learn more about all of the York Furrier services and to receive a complete garment inspection and care plan. The York Staff looks forward to assisting you with ALL your fur and fine outerwear needs.