Great Gifts FUR your #SuperDad and ALL the Father-Figures in your Life


This year’s Father’s Day appropriately coincides with the 2021 calendar’s Summer Solstice - Sunday, June 20th.  Thus, making it the perfect day to honor the #Hero in your life!  Celebrate the one you call father (or perhaps, he answers to dad, pops, babbo, padre, tata, papa, or some other fond term of endearment) along with all the many father-figures who served as, and continue to be a shining role model for how to live an exemplary life.  For the person that gave you your life, the one who took care of all your basic needs from infant to adulthood, the mentor, the coach, the teacher, the one you looked up to (literally) for most of your life, the awesome person who motivated you to reach your true potential, this day is for them.  And, at York Furrier in the Elmhurst City Centre, the YF Collection features great gifts that will let him know that you think he’s absolutely THE BEST!!!

FUR the Boss Dad

For both business and travel, whether the hardworking road warrior heads to the office, hits the road for cold calling, or takes flight through airports here and abroad, he’ll project a polished, professional image carrying the perfect leather wallet, attaché case, messenger bag, briefcase, backpack, or overnighter.  Choose from York Furrier’s extensive selection of leather carryalls in-store or online at 

The Grill Guru

At the first sign of warm weather, Dad moves dinner prep to his outside kitchen domain – the Grill!  In between tossing back a couple of brews, he’ll fire-up the briquettes, crank-up the burners, or pile-up the wood chips to create his version of cooked to perfection MEAT (be sure to say that with the Arby’s ® commercial voice by Golden Globe winning actor, Ving Rhames!).  Yes, Dad will perhaps add some grilled veggies, or a flavorful planked salmon; however, we know his forte is grilling up burgers, brats, dogs, and his version of blackened chicken (a REALLY overcooked beer can chicken - LOL!).  Need a gift idea for the ultimate griller?  Add some luxe style to Dad’s outdoor cooking attire, the YF Design Team is available to custom-trim his BBQ glove or grill apron with a touch of Sizzling Haute REAL Fur Trim (no faking it at York Furrier!) 

A Homebody Dad

After spending most of 2020 sheltered in place, Dad has found that hanging at the homestead all day is really awesome!!!  Think about it, you have pretty much everything you need all in one location – food, fun, and comfy furniture.  Be it Game Day or Movie Night, there’s nothing like grabbing some snacks and curling-up on the couch to watch your favorite team or the latest action/adventure flick.  Make Dad’s spot even cushier with YF Collection Home Décor items.  The YF Design Team will create custom fur pillows, throws, blankets, a floor covering, even chair or ottoman covers.  The lounge-worthy options are endless.  Stop-by York Furrier or call 630-832-2200 to chat about your custom home-décor projects.

Sharp Dressed Dad

Even when he dons denim your Dad always looks like he walked out of the pages of GQ Magazine (which, incidentally began publishing in 1931 – the same year as York Furrier was founded – Happy 90th Anniversary to both!!!).  For his Model Style and good looks, present a uniquely him gift that he’s sure to love every time he wears it . . .a leather jacket, shearling car coat, or fine fabric overcoat from the YF Fine Outerwear Collection.  Add a pair of leather or shearling gloves, mink earmuffs, or a rustic raccoon Daniel Boone style hat for a Dad with a big personality. 

Make this Father’s Day memorable.  Discover gifts galore for your dear old (young or young-at-heart) Dad!  Shop at York Furrier in the Elmhurst City Centre, or online at York for accessories to great coats.