Fur Ideas for a Winter White Wedding

Walking down the aisle at your wedding will undoubtedly become one of your most cherished memories. You’ll exchange vows, kiss the groom, eat cake, dance the night away and take photos … lots of photos. Accessorizing your special day with a gorgeous fur will take the occasion to the next level. Whether you show off a mink wrap at the reception or dress your bridesmaids in something unique, a romantic use of fur will truly set your wedding apart. You may choose to rent, purchase or custom-design your wedding fur. Rentals are great if you’re not looking to wear the piece after your wedding day. On the other hand, some women view the purchase as a special part of the whole process – almost like dress shopping. If you’re new to the idea and not sure where to start, here are a few ideas!




Cover Up: Shoulder wraps, capes, stoles and shrugs are the most popular way for brides to incorporate fur. The majority are made with mink or fox and perfect for keeping warm without overpowering the dress. Many conservative brides opt for fur coverups as a more glamorous alternative to sleeves or lace shawls. Another chic and timeless option is a mini jacket with cap sleeves, which works well with strapless dresses. If you’re truly going for a Winter Wonderland esque feel, opt for a hooded white mink coat. While you may or may not want to wear it down the aisle, it will make for stunning photos! 3E9B9793


Accessorize: If you’re not looking for fur that covers the shoulders but still want to incorporate fur into your bridal look, it’s time to accessorize! Try a muff purse, a hat, a headband or a hair piece. You can also opt to have your dress trimmed with mink or fox, another trend that falls in line with Winter Wonderland.




Get Colorful: Bright hues are a hot trend in fur this season, so why not work the fun look into your wedding? A simple mink wrap in the same hue as your bridesmaid’s dresses is a subtle yet impactful way to play up your personality. If you want to keep the ceremony more traditional, simply rock the look for photos and the reception. Or, have a ‘something blue’ hairpiece custom-made.

Dress-up Your Gal Pals: Don’t want to leave the ladies in your life out of the fun? Drape your bridesmaids in fur as well! For an awe-inspiring look, go for mink wraps in colors that complement their dresses. Fur accessories are also an option and make for unforgettable bridesmaid gifts. Similarly, think about renting mom and/or future mom-in-law a chic garment of her own. This is a unique gesture that will truly set apart the women that mean so much. You could also add detachable snap cuffs in mink or fox to your own wedding dress, add them to a sweater later or gift them to your bridesmaids after the ceremony. If you’re planning a winter wedding, this year or next, make it seasonal and stunning by incorporating fur. View a sample of ideas at our wedding rentals page or stop York Furrier to learn more about rentals or custom-made garments for your big day!