FUR Real: Discover a Natural & Sustainable Fashion Choice at York Furrier


With a frenetic pace, fashion trends run haute/cold from the runway spotlight to the back of your closet, and onto the donation pile, or dumped in the landfill. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers were caught up in the ‘fast fashion’ cycle – purchasing mass-produced, low cost, poor quality merchandise, for infrequent usage, and then discarding the once trendy item without a thought to the environmental impact. For the conscious consumer who has become aware of, and cares about how their choices affect the Earth, one product stands-out as a responsible choice – FUR!

After almost a year of staying at home, fashion consumers, especially the millennials, have gained a heightened awareness of their role in the negative impact of over-consumption. With the cancelation of in-person anything, remote work, homeschooling, Zoom meetings, virtual vs. in-person social events and soirees, the role of fashion has acutely changed. The focus has shifted from throw-away trends to long-lasting investment pieces and the importance of ‘circular fashion’ which maximizes the usage of each garment and removes its negative environmental impact from carelessly discarding unwanted garments into landfills.


When asked about the importance of fur in the future of fashion, Mike Brown, Regional CEO of the International Fur Federation (IFF) Americas, stated, “As ‘fast fashion’ products are being exposed for their role in the destruction of our environment, global fashion designers are turning to natural materials for true inspiration. A Natural material such as fur, which is a renewable, biodegradable resource that works within nature’s own cycle, is important to the future of sustainable fashion.”


Fashionistas should wear their real furs for years (even decades) with confidence knowing that each stylish fur garment is handcrafted by skilled artisans using beautiful pelts that were responsibly sourced under the guidance of global standards and regulations. And while some may push wearing faux fur, be aware that the fake version is EXTREMELY harmful to the environment, wildlife, and humans. Manufactured using non-biodegradable petroleum and plastics, deadly carcinogens are released during the fake fur production process and when it’s cleaned. Generally, fake furs, being of a less durable material, becomes a wear it only one season and done product. In addition, when disposing of a fake fur garment, since it’s not biodegradable; it will pollute and clutter the landfill far into the future. 

FUR Real Facts about the BEST product for ‘Circular Fashion’:

  • Fur Fashion = Investment Fashion

Fur is a renewable and regenerative product. With proper care, a fur will be worn and enjoyed for many, many years before it will be discarded. According to Dr. Anna Brismar, who coined the term ‘Circular Fashion’ in her 2014 fashion presentation in Sweden, lengthening the life cycle of using wardrobe pieces a mere 1-2 years more would decrease the carbon footprint of a single garment by 24%. To extend a fur garment’s usage cycle, York Furrier offers professional, on-site fur care services including: yearly summer storage in climate-controlled vaults, cleaning and hand conditioning (by the environmentally friendly furrier method – no harmful chemicals utilized!), along with repair services – adjusting or replacing button or zipper closures, sewing fur openings, replacing worn fur, relining a garment, etc. 

  • Fur is the ultimate recyclable.

The ability to alter and restyle a fur garment allows for it to always fit properly and remain a responsible fashion choice. Alterations include: shortening sleeves or hemlines, moving closures, changing shoulder pads, changing the size of the garment to reduce fullness, or add more room. For a completely updated look, update shoulders, sleeves and/or silhouette. YF Restyle Ideas include: shearing a long hair fur garment to reduce weight and fullness, converting a full length garment into a walking coat, transforming a jacket into a fur vest, adding a detachable hood to create a parka style, or use a fur coat as a liner in a raincoat shell. The York Furrier Staff and talented YF Design Team are available on-site in the Elmhurst City Centre to assist with caring for your fur garments so you’re able to use and fashionably enjoy year after year. Click to learn more about the YF Services.


  • Fur garments can be repurposed or upcycled into something NEW.

Start with an OLD fur that you’ve worn for decades and needs some work, or the family heirloom fur that your Great Aunt Millie just gifted to you, or the fantastic vintage fur find you just scored at the local resale shop, use this fur investment to create a repurposed or upcycled NEW item. York Furrier has some great transformation ideas:

Fur Home Décor – pillows, throws, floor or chair coverings.

Fur Accessories – earmuffs, a scarf, fur clutch or tote, or add fur trim to boots, gloves, or a handbag.

Fur Embellishments – add a touch of fur to fine fabric coat collars or cuffs, or dress-up a denim jacket.

Fur Novelty Items – fur Teddy Bear, baby booties, or perhaps a coat for a short-haired puppy.

The options abound! The York Furrier Design Team will work with you to utilize an old fur to create a new item.

  • Fur garments retain value with circular fashion as a trade-in or consignment option.

At York Furrier, it’s “In with the Old and out with the New!” Bring your old fur garment to York Furrier and receive a generous fur trade-in allowance towards the purchase of a new fur that better fits you and your current lifestyle. Or, opt to utilize the York Furrier consignment program to sell your gently used fur garment. Call 630-832-2200 to schedule an appointment with the YF Staff to have your fur garment inspected to determine a valuation for your garment. These previously enjoyed “used” garments will be listed for sale on the YF Luxe for Less website, and when able to do so again, offered twice a year during the giant Luxe for Less SALE. If you would like to receive notices about the bi-annual sales, subscribe at UsedFursOnline.com/subscribe


Learn More:

To learn more about what YOU can do to help the planet with your fashion choices, York Furrier suggests reading, Kate Fletcher’s book, Sustainable Fashion and Textiles:  Design Journeys. The book describes the ‘slow fashion’ movement (Fletcher created the term in 2008) in terms of seeing the big picture of a product and how from sourcing materials through design, production, and consumer use, the item will fulfill a need with minimal impact on the environment. Fletcher encourages consumers to purchase timeless designs created from exquisite materials (like FUR!), crafted with quality construction techniques, and then properly caring for those items to ensure continued long-term enjoyment wearing an environmentally friendly garment.


As the International Fur Federation’s CEO Mark Oaten states, “Wearing Fur Warms YOU Up, not the Planet!”

Since 1931, York Furrier has provided discerning clientele with the ultimate in both selection and services. View this season’s warm and wonderful YF Collection at YorkFur.com.