Hey Kids (especially the Adult Version!) FYI on June 19, 2022, it’s Time to CELEBRATE DAD!!!


Father’s Day Gift Ideas at York Furrier 

What do you LOVE about your DAD? Is he the one you call when you need advice? Does he cheer you up with bad jokes?  What’s his Grill Master specialty? Do you smile when you see him wearing his cargo shorts, white socks and New Balance gym shoes? 

Whether he’s got classic DAD moves, super corny jokes, is a great chef, or a lush lawn expert, oh so dependable, a dapper dresser (or, not so much!), or just your Dear Old Dad (though super young-at-heart), find great gift ideas for your Father or Father-Figure at YorkFur.com.



YF Men’s Collection:  Leathers, Shearlings, Fine Fabrics, & Furs

For the DAD that attended EVERY home and away high school soccer game, took care of your college expenses, picked-up the tab for your luxe destination wedding, and now watches your new puppy when you vacation, and dotes on your cute kiddos (his adorable grand-babies) every chance he gets, it’s time to gift him with something really wonderful! Treat him to a YF Collection: 




Business & Travel:  Briefcases, Backpacks, Duffel Bags, & Wallets

For the practical DAD, who likes to present a professional appearance when he heads to work, his next biz trip, or heading out-of-town for some R & R, York Furrier offers a selection of handcrafted leather goods to safely and stylish transport his belongings. Gift him with these YF Collection items: 




Accessories:  Fur Trooper Hats, Chenille Scarves, Fur or Shearling Earmuffs, and Gloves

Gift some super accessories to completely upgrade DAD’s Outlook. From the YF Accessory Collection: 




FUR Home Décor:  Blankets, Floor Coverings, Pillows, and Foot Stools

For the DAD that prefers to enjoy his evenings and weekends hanging at the homestead, make him comfy and cozy with YF Design Team custom-designed Fur Home Décor items. The lounge-worthy options abound. From the YF Home Décor Collection: 




Make this Father’s Day a memorable one for your DAD!

SHOP at York Furrier in the Elmhurst City Centre, or online at YorkFur.com - (Note: for specific gifts highlighted in green above, merely click on the listed item to view in greater detail). Accessories to Awe Inspiring Coats, treat your DAD to a YF Collection Gift that he’ll enjoy and appreciate EVERY time he uses it!!!