Mink: Then and Now

The mere mention of a “mink fur coat” invokes images from a world long ago—Hollywood starlets with platinum curls and red lips, wrapped in soft, shining mink from head to toe. It’s a classic style that’s flourished in modern times after decades of fashion cycles, and one that’s incredibly popular in the area of Barrington. Furriers agree that the traditional mink designs of yesteryear still carry their own brand of vintage vogue in the 2000s, but here at York Furrier we’ve also embraced a more modern take on the look in order to meet the tastes of the forward-thinking women of today. “The Modern Mink” is a line that we think perfectly embodies the innovation of this century, while retaining that same timeless mink aura of quality and luxury. From lilac and amethyst to more traditional hues like nutmeg or onyx, you’ll find fashionable mink outerwear in this collection perfect for any occasion. While classic mink will always have its special place in our hearts, we do have several Modern Mink designs that incorporate other furs and colors, adding depth and complexity. For example, our demi buff mink-trimmed onyx sheared mink stroller, or the black amethyst-dyed mink stroller with dyed sheared mink sleeves. Throughout this line you’ll find glimpses of our proud history as a local furrier: for example, York Signature Styles like our gorgeous silver blue-dyed mink directional flounce coat or our stenciled mink jacket. While we take great pride in our Modern Mink pieces, they are only a small part of our full collection, which represents a wide variety of styles and high-quality materials tirelessly hand-selected from around the world.

This year marks 81 years in business for us, so anyone searching for the perfect piece should take advantage of our seasonal sales to get a great deal on a distinctive fur coat. Barrington-area fur enthusiasts should make use of our expertise and wide selection of fine outerwear, which we purchase and design with our discerning clientele in mind. Whether you are specifically looking for mink or are exploring the world of fur for the first time, we’re here to guide the way.