Old Hollywood Glam Meets Modern Fur Fashion

As much as we love discovering up-and-coming designers and scouting the runways for the latest fur trends … there’s just something about vintage fur fashion that will forever grab our attention. Maybe it’s all the photos of old Hollywood – style icons like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren wearing over-the-top glamorous furs. Or maybe we’re merely intrigued with putting our own spin on vintage fur fashions!?! We thought it would be fun to show some of the most iconic moments in fur fashion history next to equally as chic options available for your personal fur wardrobe today. Classic Black and White: When paired together, these opposites still create a timeless look. Marilyn Monroe – in a black stole trimmed with white fox fur – really rocks the look! Monroe has always been the epitome of Hollywood’s glamorous yesteryear, and she loved her furs. To modernize the black and white look, we make it slightly less formal and opt for versatile use styling. This natural pearl mink jacket (with a zip-off walking coat hem), paired with black skinny jeans and black leather gloves, is oh so feminine but far more functional for everyday wear. While this gorgeous chinchilla bolero with matching chinchilla trimmed hat looks gorgeous paired with an evening gown or comes off as casual chic when paired with a cashmere sweater and nice pants for a luncheon meeting.





Spotted in Fur: Sophia Loren has never tried to hide her wild side, and we love her for it! (She’s also a fave after posing in 1982 for the Blackglama Mink “What Becomes a Legend Most?” ad campaign.) In this photo, Loren wears a spotted fur coat with her classic must-haves – cateye makeup and oversized sunglasses. We couldn’t resist having a little fun with this one by showing off one of our favorite home décor items. This animal print stenciled calfskin pillow would look great on a sitting chair or as a throw pillow on a big bed. While this pillow is brand new, if you’re not getting enough use out of that old fur coat in your closet, consider restyling it into a throw or pillow that you can cherish for many years to come. A favorite spotted fur today is lynx which originates from Russia, Canada or the western U.S.A. Here, we’ve trimmed a fitted sheared mink walking coat with American lynx trim. It’s the perfect style for work or weekend wear. (Loren Photo: wwd.com)

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Boldly Go: Being both an American film actress and a princess, Grace Kelly knew a thing or two about making a grand entrance! In this old photo, she is shown wrapped up in a stylish fur coat paired with delicate white gloves and a fashionable hat. While sweepy, swingy, and definitely oversized was the style trend then; today’s fur fashions reflect the fact that women wear their coats as part of their everyday wardrobe. Furs are no longer relegated to the back of the closet and brought out for a few special occasion uses throughout the year. Women (and men) wear their furs for on the go daily use. Styles have changed to reflect this modern approach to fur wearing – hemlines are shorter to ease in and out of the car or on/off the train better; furs are lighter weight so errand running and shopping doesn’t become a work-out; and silhouettes are slimmer to flatter the wearer and show off time spent in the gym. And, for a little spotlight grabbing attention, designers are pairing plush contrasting fur trims to the collars and cuffs of their form flattering furs. Here, the York Signature Style onyx dyed sheared mink adds panache with a beautiful, oversize chinchilla collar that doubles as an elegant hood. While this sheared and grooved mink walking coat is treated to an uber luxe Russian sable trimmed collar, tuxedo and cuffs. (Kelly Photo courtesy of welovefur.com)










Do you have an older fur coat stashed in your closet or attic? Perhaps you recently inherited grandma’s Persian lamb jacket with the matching mink collar, or discovered a vintage pastel mink fur stole at your local resale shop. This summer, the York Furrier Design Team is available to assist you in modernizing your older furs into an updated style for a fall Chicagoland debut. Visit the York Furrier website for restyle ideas. Then, stop-by either the York Furrier Deer Park or Elmhurst store location during service hours for even more fur style inspiration!