Reliving Elizabeth Taylor’s Legendary Beauty And Fabulous Furs

Few women personify Hollywood celebrity in the manner that Dame Elizabeth Taylor did. The mere image of her hourglass figure showcased for public viewing draped in diamonds, curves hugged by couture fashions, and finely wrapped-up in sensational furs is legendary. The recently aired Lifetime movie Liz & Dick—a dramatic tribute to the tumultuous romance between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton from their initial encounter on the Cleopatra set through a quarter of a century of the couple’s paparazzi recorded rollercoaster love life—featured Lindsay Lohan channeling the iconic Liz’s coquettish gaze, fiery spunk, gorgeous make-up and a wardrobe of furs for every occasion. Throughout the movie, Lohan accurately portrayed Liz by donning scene stealing glamorous furs created from chinchilla, mink, and sable
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Elizabeth Taylor (source) and Lindsey Lohan (source) Whether evoking the glamour of Hollywood past or present, fur garments are a powerful symbol of fashion and femininity. Just as Lohan’s Elizabeth Taylor enjoyed a wardrobe of fur garments, so too should the modern woman enjoy wearing fur for any occasion. Lightweight, versatile styling ensures that a fur garment is always appropriate attire. Whether making the grand entrance a la Liz disembarking from her jet with a full length sable coat gracing her shoulders or merely running errands wearing a sheared mink walking coat that reverses to rainsilk, fur is meant to be worn every day, everywhere. Today’s innovative fur designs still embody grace, glamour and intrigue while at the same time allowing for more than special occasion dressing. For fashionistas looking for a designer fur coat, Barrington-area residents and beyond will love the extensive selection of innovative furs found in our Deer Park Town Center location. And savvy shoppers will find terrific seasonal savings on fur for the Holidays at either the Deer Park or Elmhurst City Centre York Furrier location. Discover your very own iconic look now on sale! Featured photo source.