ReFURbish, Repair, Repurpose, or Restyle Furs at York Furrier

Spring is the perfect time to clean out your closets, switch out heavy coats and sweaters for lighter jackets and tops, and for bringing your older fur and fine outerwear garments into York Furrier in the Elmhurst City Centre for some TLC. The professional staff at York Furrier, along with the talented York Furrier Design Team, are both available to assist you during the store’s Service Hours.


Whether you need a better fit or an updated look, the experienced designers at York Furrier will provide a thorough inspection of your garment, recommend any needed repairs and/or cleaning and conditioning, and discuss ideas for reshaping, resizing or restyling your older fur garment. Spring and summer are the ideal times to complete the restyle process. Then your fur garment will look like new for the next fall/winter season’s wear.

Suggested updates include:

  • Reducing shoulder fullness
  • Raising dolman armholes
  • Tapering voluminous sleeves
  • Shearing long hair fur garments to reduce weight and fullness
  • Slimming the silhouette and/or nip in the waistline
  • Converting a full length coat into a walking coat, jacket or vest
  • Using a full length coat to create a reversible raincoat



The York Furrier Design Team provides on-site expert repairs and alterations for your fur and fine outerwear garments. Take care of minor repairs now before they require more extensive and perhaps expensive work.

Common repairs/alterations include:

  • Closing fur holes, tears, or open seams
  • Repairing or replacing linings, monograms, or personalized labels
  • Moving or replacing lost or damaged closures – hooks, rings, loops & buttons
  • Shortening or lengthening fur, shearling, or leather sleeves or hemlines
  • Replacing faux fur hood trim with real fur
  • Adding a fur collar to a cashmere, wool, or down garment
  • Adding a detachable hood to a mink zip jacket or full length fur coat


Fur is the ultimate recyclable product! After decades of use, older fur garments, such as inherited heirloom furs, vintage shop finds, or your once fashionable furs that now no longer fit you or your lifestyle, probably need some work. It’s time to visit the knowledgeable York Furrier Staff and Design Team to “recycle” your fur. Consider repurposing older fur garments into trendy accessories, such as scarves, earmuffs, a fur clutch, or even add fur trim to a pair of gloves or boots. You may also use an older fur coat to create luxe home décor such as: fur pillows, fur throws, fur blankets, fur floor coverings, or fur chair covers. Or, use your older fur to create fur novelty items for example: mink teddy bears, fur baby booties, fur coats for dolls, a fur coat for a short haired puppy, or a decorative fur trimmed Santa Clause.

Fur Care Services

With the summer heat fast approaching, it’s time protect your furs and shearlings by arranging for cold storage in the York Furrier on-site climate controlled (that’s temperature and humidity level) vaults. Drop-off garments during service hours or call 630-832-2200 for a home or work pick-up by York’s bonded driver.

Other Fur and Fine Outerwear Care Services include:

  • Cleaning and Conditioning
  • Ozone Treatment to remove smoke, perfume or other strong odors
  • Appraisals for Insurance
  • UGG Boot Cleaning
  • Monogramming

For minor repairs or a complete fur restyling project, the York Furrier Staff and Design Team look forward to assisting you with ALL your fur and fine outerwear needs.