Restyling your old fur coat: It’s all in the Details

If you follow the York Furrier blog regularly, you know we’ve written about fur restyling in the past. With spring right around the corner (fingers crossed!) we thought it’d be a good time to revisit the topic. In the fall, many of our clients bring in fur and fine outerwear styles that they want updated and need ready to wear in time for winter. While we are happy to oblige, this time of year is actually much better suited to updating and reconditioning your older fur, shearling and leather garments. The York Furrier Design Team will be able to thoroughly discuss your restyling, repair and alteration needs and have time to order matching pelts if required. So, as temps heat up and you begin your spring cleaning mode, be sure to sort through closets to find your 1980’s full length beaver coat, great Aunt Millie’s mink trimmed Persian lamb jacket, or the full length ranch mink coat that you wore to all those black tie galas but now seems too long and formal for everyday errand running. Bring all of them to York Furrier NOW as the winter season wraps-up. It’s the perfect time for a like new updated outlook! For the big picture restyling ideas – think hems, shoulder, sleeves and silhouettes, etc. – click here to read one of our original blog posts. For creative details that will give your garment the glitz, glam or on the go styling that it has been missing, keep reading below!




Chic Shrugs: Repurpose an old fur coat that merely hangs in your closet into a classic stole, shrug or wrap. These little essentials are especially great for fall and spring. They keep arms and shoulders warm without hiding your stylish ensemble underneath. Add a dramatic, statement-making button at the neckline if you would like the option of wearing the garment closed. Or, have us create satin ties for an elegant and dramatic new closure at the waist level.




Shear Perfection: Shearing has been a hot topic on the runway and consumer minds as of late. If you’ve got a coat that was designed prior to the 90’s chances are it’s big, bulky, and perhaps heavy – making it cumbersome to wear while you’re out and about on a busy day. In order to lighten your load, the York Furrier designers are able to utilize shearing techniques that will remove long guard hairs, lighten the garment’s weight, and provide a trimmer silhouette – creating a modern look that easy to wear. We love the look of this sheared hooded vest to the left!




Trim Up: This is a relatively simple adjustment, yet it can completely transform the aesthetic of a coat. Trim your coat with a matching or complementary pelt in any number of places – down the front opening, around the hood, wrists or hemline … you name it! You may choose to mix and match pelts, like trimming a natural mink jacket with a dramatic fox collar and cuffs or add sable or lynx to a sheared mink coat (like this chic lamb jacket to the left). Also, keep in mind that fur trims can be used on more than JUST fur. Maybe you have a leather jacket or a cashmere pea coat that you want to dress up with a bit of mink trim around the wrists and collar. Or, perhaps your cashmere sweater would look great with some fur trim around the neckline. A little or a lot, adding a touch of fur will really transform the look of any style or material type.


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All out Accessorized: Restyling a coat doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul. It can be as simple as adding a fur belt that helps cinch the waist, or replacing out-of-date buttons with fur covered ones. For something totally revamped and 100 percent custom, consider adding a detachable hood or a zip-off longer hemline (left). Little changes definitely make a big difference. Share the Love: A truly rewarding part of being in the fur business is getting to see treasured coats passed down from generation to generation. Bring in grandma’s vintage fur and turn it into something youthful and fun to wear. We love the idea of making scarves for all of the granddaughters or a pair of matching clutch purses for a mother and daughter duo. Here are two of our favorite before/after York Furrier restyled looks!


restyle1 restyle2


Giving a fur garment a new look can be exciting, and perhaps a little daunting to start the process. After all, most of these pieces have real sentimental value for their owners. Don’t fret. The professional sales staff and design team at York Furrier will make the process easy for you. It never hurts to bring in a photo or magazine clippings of the look you’re after. And we invite all our restyle clients to peruse our in-store inventory for restyling ideas and design inspiration.

To learn more or to make an appointment, call or visit either York Furrier location in the Deer Park Town Center 847-550-2200 or the Elmhurst City Centre 630-832-2200. We look forward to assisting you with all your fur and fine outerwear needs.