ReWork / ReFURbish / ReDesign

Have an old, outdated fur that merely hangs in the closet? Does the beaver coat you purchased for yourself when you commuted to work on the train now seem too cumbersome for carpooling the kids to school? Maybe your mother just gifted you with her formerly fashionable mink coat with the ginormous fox sleeves. Or, perhaps you just recently stumbled upon a retro mink stole at your favorite resale shop. What should you do with these garments to make them wearable again? Whether the garment needs an updated fit or style, the York Furrier Design Team will help you transform an unused, outdated fur garment into a contemporary silhouette that perfectly fits you and your current lifestyle. After your garment is thoroughly examined and pelts are determined to be in good condition, the York Staff will discuss design options and work with you to ensure that your fur, shearling, leather or cashmere garment looks spectacular for next winter wear. Check-out the York Furrier online catalog at for new style ideas. Then stop-in during service hours in the conveniently located Elmhurst or Deer Park store to discuss your garment’s make-over options. TransFURmation Ideas:
Vests, Walking Coat Length, Sheared & Grooved
CONVERT Change a full length garment into an updated jacket, vest, elegant wrap, or trim a cashmere cape. ALTER Refresh the hemline from a full length garment to a knee length walking coat. Reduce shoulder fullness. Taper voluminous sleeves. Raise dolman armholes. Reshape the silhouette. SHEAR Reduce a garment’s weight and fullness by shearing the fur’s guard hair to produce a shorter nap. Create a patterned piece with shearing and grooving techniques. Use sheared fur to line a raincoat. REPAIR Replace loose or frayed linings. Stitch-up torn seams or fur openings. Replace missing closures. For all your fur and fine outerwear needs, visit York Furrier. All store labels accepted. Deer Park Town Center 847-550-2200. Elmhurst City Centre 630-832-2200.