YF Services: Essential Care for Furs & Outerwear

Professional, On-site Storage/Cleaning/Repairs/Restyling 

Winter is on its way out and spring is happily heading our way. With the temperature heating up, it’s time for your fur and fine outerwear garment investments to be pampered and protected with the professional, on-site services provided at York Furrier in the Elmhurst City Centre. The knowledgeable York Furrier Staff and talented YF Design Team are available Tuesdays thru Saturdays to assist with a full range of fur and outerwear services. Here’s a brief guide to YF Services. (To learn more, click these links: Storage / Cleaning / Repairs / Restyling


To maintain your fur, shearling, leather and shearling garment wearability through the years and decades of usage, you must bring them to York Furrier to place in one of the store’s on-site humidity and temperature controlled vaults. Home air conditioning, cedar closets that dry out pelts and leather, and humid basements are no substitute for storage at York Furrier. 

Cleaning & Conditioning

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and Old World craftsmanship, environmentally friendly methods and customized care, the York Furrier Staff and Design Team will thoroughly clean and condition your fur, shearling, leather, cashmere, and luxe down garments. Furrier method cleaning – not dry cleaning – will restore your fur’s sheen and luster; preserve the fur’s natural oils to maintain soft and supple pelts; remove dust, dirt and any salt or de-icing chemical stains; and alleviate odors caused by smoke, perfume, or musty closets.  For shearlings and leathers, hand color refinishing enhances the look and texture of a garment.  Weather stain protection applications prevent staining from rain, snow, and food or drink spills. York Furrier also cleans and conditions UGG boots as well as designer handbags. 



All garments brought to York Furrier will be inspected from hood or collar to hemline. The York Furrier Staff will recommend necessary restorative work such as repairs, fit updates, and restyling options. Rejuvenating services include:  repairing or replacing linings, replacing closures, tending to fur seam openings or leather tears, adjusting sleeve or hemline length, replacing faux fur trim with real fur, updating the garment’s silhouette, or converting a full-length coat to a zip jacket or vest with a detachable hood. 

No appointment is necessary to drop-off your fur and fine outerwear garments during YF Service Hours. Or book a service pick-up by the York Furrier vehicle and driver online at YorkFur.com/pickup or via phone by calling 630-832-2200.  The York Furrier Staff and Design Team look forward to assisting you with ALL your fur and fine outerwear needs.