York Furrier: Fashion FUR the Deep Freeze

Apocalyptic Cold, Frozen Tundra, Polar Vortex . . . whatever you want to name it . . .yes, Baby, it’s REALLY COLD outside! But that doesn’t mean that you should forgo fashionable attire while bundling-up against the bitter wind chill. The York Furrier 86th Anniversary Collection features oodles of warm and wonderful options for head-to-toe cold weather chic.

In the Hood

To fight the freeze, Mom always told you to keep your head warm, and she was absolutely right! Top off your outdoor attire with a stylish fur hat, fur headband, fur earmuffs or enveloping hood with fur trim. On January 2, 2018, the Chicago Tribune ran an article about researchers from the University of Michigan, Washington and Manitoba who conducted a study of hoods with and without fur trim and their effectiveness against wind and cold. Results - using real fur definitively made a “huge” difference in providing “superior” protection against the cold and windy artic climate conditions they created for testing.

Cover Up

Pile on the layers of warm and toasty comfort with knit fur or chenille scarves, fur trimmed knit hats, and lined leather gloves. Complete coverage with fur accessories will protect skin from the drying effect of freezing temps and of course prevent frost bite on fingers and nose. And, for running from car to red carpet, keep hands warm with a statement making fur muff/purse. While perfectly practical and oh so necessary for cold weather wear, these chic accessories are wonderfully stylish too.

Pretty Parka

Pretty Parka is not an oxymoron. This season’s York Collection features a line of Italian designed army cotton parkas embellished with intricate stitching or patterned fur trims. Brighten a cold, dreary day with sunshine colored mink flowers adorned (and adored!) on a FUNctional parka. Pair with a citrus orange textured leather crossbody bag, and you’re ready for the day’s commute, errand running, shopping or a dinner date.

Haute Looks for Him or Her

When temps plummet to single digits, no need to hibernate under the covers or wrap yourself in an oversized sleeping bag style coat to head outdoors. You need a fur coat! Choose from sheared beaver, mink, lynx, fox, sable, or coyote. Select a fur trimmed puffer, parka , jacket, hooded fur walking coat or luxe full length mink coat. Pick out a classic color – brown, black or navy; or stand-out in a crowd with bold bright colors and rainbow hues – red, teal, lemon yellow, purple, even hot pink. There’s soooo much in-store FUR you at York Furrier in the Elmhurst City Centre. View a small sampling of the York Collection online (SHOP NOW!) then plan a visit to 107 N. York Street in Elmhurst for a personal shopping experience.

This winter, find a cure for the common cold at York Furrier!