York Furrier Tips: How to Care for Your New Fur at Home


The Holiday Season was a great success! The festive décor looked fabulous; the sit-down meal was delicious; the family gathering went off “relatively” well; the gifts with the beautiful paper and elaborate bows were a hit; and YOU RECEIVED A GORGEOUS NEW FUR FROM YORK FURRIER!!! You’re THRILLED that all that hinting and selfie posting (from the York Furrier showroom trying on the navy colored hooded sheared mink walking coat that reverses to rainsilk) inspired the PERFECT gift from your hubby. Now that it’s actually yours to wear and enjoy, you’re wondering how to care for your new fur while it’s at home. Proper at home care will extend the wear of your fur garment as well as maintain and protect your fur coat’s beauty. York Furrier offers these tips for at Home Care for your New Fur:

How to Correctly Hang your Fur Coat
  • Hang your fur on a broad-shouldered hanger to maintain shoulder shape and seams.
  • Hang your coat with the collar up and the hood detached to prevent flattening the pelt’s guard hair.
  • Allow several inches of space between your fur and other coats in the closet.
  • Avoid hanging your fur coat by heat vents, under bright lights, or near a large window with sun exposure.

Heat and light may cause fur pelts to dry or oxidize the fur’s color
  • Do NOT store your fur coat in bags – especially plastic – allow air to circulate around the fur garment.
  • Do NOT keep your fur in a cedar closet.
  • Never place chemical or moth preventatives on or near your fur coat.
  • Never store your fur coat in the attic or basement. The extreme temperatures and humidity levels may damage your fur coat.

The Do/Don’t Care List for a New Fur
  • Friction may break fur guard hairs. York Furrier suggests that you carry packages and handbags away from direct contact with your fur coat. Also, jewelry worn on the wrist and neck may cause unnecessary wear to the cuffs and collar.
  • Apply or spray perfume and hairspray before you put on your fur coat. Formulas for both may damage a fur’s pelt.
  • Should your fur coat get wet from rain, snow or spills, shake it gently to remove excess moisture and hang it in a cool, dry location. There’s no need to brush or comb your fur, a simple shake will fluff up the fur. Should your fur coat get extremely wet (pipe burst, large soda spilled on fur), bring it to York Furrier for the store’s craftsmen to look at it. Pelts may need to be reshaped and reblocked to avoid drying and shrinkage.
  • Never dry your fur garment with a hair dryer or place it in a clothes dryer. The heat will damage the fur’s pelt.
  • When getting in/out of your car, avoid sliding into the seat. Lightly place cuff and sleeve on the armrest.
Summer Fur Care and Services
  • During the warm summer months, your fur coat requires protection from the heat and humidity. Drop-off your fur and fine outerwear garments at York Furrier during service hours or call 630-832-2200 to schedule a home or work place pick-up by York Furrier’s vehicle and bonded driver.
  • Along with fur storage in York Furrier’s on-site climate controlled vaults, fur cleaning and conditioning is also suggested to maintain your fur’s sheen and luster, and keep pelts soft and supple.
  • Never place your fur garment in the washing machine!
  • Summer is also the perfect time to tend to any necessary repairs and to tighten closures.
View the York Furrier list of fur care services online. The York Furrier Staff and talented York Design Team will provide a full range of services to ensure that your fur garment looks as wonderful as the day you received it!