Your Fur & Outerwear Investments NEED Essential Care at York Furrier NOW!

YF Services: Professional, On-site Care for Furs, Shearling, Leather, Fine Fabric, and Luxe Down Garments.
Storage • Cleaning • Repairs • Alterations • Restyling • Upcycling
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You’ve looked forward to the Summer Heat for many months. Now it’s time to savor high temps and spend time outdoors with friends and family - think Patio Dining, Picnics in the Park, Outdoor Concerts, and Days at the Beach. While you get outside to enjoy Chicagoland’s limited, hot sunny days, make sure you take care of your furs and fine outerwear first. They need to be at York Furrier NOW for some TLC! 

The knowledgeable YF Staff and talented Design Team are on-site to Protect and Pamper ALL your fur and fine outerwear garments. From repairs and alterations to completely restyling an outdated, heirloom, or vintage fur coat, the experts at York Furrier will ensure that your furs, shearlings, leathers, fine fabrics, and down garments look spectacular for next season, and beyond! 

Here’s your Guide to the YF Professional, On-site Services at York Furrier in the Elmhurst City Centre (FYI - YF is the ONLY Authorized FurCare Specialist™ in the state of IL!!!).



Summer Heat is EXTREMELY damaging to your Fur and Outerwear Garments.  Get your outerwear investments out of hot, moth-infested closets, into the safe and secure, on-site Climate-Controlled (that’s both temperature and humidity levels) vaults at York Furrier. At home air conditioning, cedar closets (which dry-out pelts and leather), and humid basements are poor substitutes for the optimum care provided by York Furrier. 

Protect your garments from:

  • Excessive Heat - causes pelts to become dry and cracked.
  • Insects - moth larvae will destroy natural fibers as they chew through leather and fur.
  • Odors - lack of air circulation in closed closets may lead to a foul smell on garments.
  • Mold or Mildew - too much humidity in the household will lead to spore growth.
  • Crowded Closets - having ample space prevents matting, creasing and broken guard hairs.
  • Theft - the on-site YF Vaults surpass insurance standards and are safe and securely alarmed. 

In addition, to your fur and fine outerwear garment investments, York Furrier also accepts the following items for secure, climate-controlled storage:  antique clothing, sports jerseys, plush velvet curtains, ornate liturgical vestments, and other valuable natural fiber items. 

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Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, old world craftsmanship, environmentally friendly methods (By Furrier Method NOT the harsh chemicals used in dry cleaning), and customized care, the YF Staff and Design Team will ensure that your garments are thoroughly cleaned, conditioned, and ready for a new season of wear. Trust your fur and fine outerwear garments to the experts at York Furrier.  

List of YF Cleaning/Conditioning Services:

  • Restore a Fur’s Sheen and Lustre.
  • Clean Silk Linings.
  • Preserve a Fur’s Natural Oils to maintain a soft and supple pelt.
  • Remove Dust, Dirt, and Harmful Salt Stains from Sidewalk and Street De-Icing Chemicals.
  • Color Refinishing via hand cleaning to enhance color and texture of shearlings and leathers.
  • Weather and Stain Protection application for leathers, suedes, and shearlings.
  • Remove Odors (cigarette smoke, perfume, fire or smoke damage, gasoline spills, musty smells, etc.) via a specialty ozone treatment combined with the YF Cleaning method.
  • Clean Down Skiwear and Outerwear Garments via proper methods to ensure that the down feather texture and the outer fabric material are maintained to like new condition. 

In addition to cleaning and conditioning fur and outerwear garments, York Furrier also cares for UGG and EMU Boots, as well as designer handbags. 




When your fur and outerwear garments arrive at York Furrier, a member of the YF Staff will meticulously inspect each one from hood or collar to hemline, noting any necessary restorative work that’s needed.  Repairs to a better fit, the on-site YF Design Team expertly offers the following rejuvenating services: 


  • Linings - repair or replace torn or worn linings; add a monogram or a personalized name label.
  • Closures - replace missing or frayed hooks or rings, loops or buttons; move closures for a better fit.
  • Openings - attend to any torn or split seams in furs, shearlings, or leathers.
  • Shorten/Lengthen - sleeves or hemlines.
  • Replace Faux Fur with Real Fur - on hoods, collars, cuffs, facings, or hemlines.
  • Add Real Fur - to the collar, cuffs, hood, or hemline of a cashmere, wool, or down garment.
  • Add a Detachable Hood - to a mink zip jacket, a fox vest, or a sheared mink coat.


  • Shoulders - reduce shoulder fullness.
  • Armholes - raise dolman armholes.
  • Sleeves - taper voluminous sleeves.
  • Silhouette - slim and shape a garment for an updated style and better fit.
  • Convert the Style - change a full length fox or mink coat into a cropped bolero, zip jacket, or a hooded vest.
  • Add a Rainwear Lining - use a full length coat to create a reversible to rainwear walking coat.





Fur is the Ultimate Recyclable!

The YF Design Team is able to ReWork • ReFURbish • ReUse an older, outdated, heirloom, or vintage fur coat to transform the something old into something NEW! 

Design Accessory Items:

  • Fur Trim - use a fur coat to trim gloves, a handbag, or boots.
  • Bags - from an older fur, create a fur envelope clutch, roomy backpack, or a fur tote.
  • Little Extras - transform older furs into fur earmuffs, a stylish fur scarf, or a versatile headband/collar.




Dress-up a Denim Jacket

  • Update a denim jacket by adding fur trim to collar, cuffs, front edges, and/or the hemline.
  • Create a hidden, inner liner of fur to offer extra warmth for extended seasonal usage.




Create Novelty Items:

  • Mink Baby Booties with ribbon ties.
  • Teddy Bears with a silk bow, or use the original monogrammed lining for a personalized vest for the Teddy.
  • A stylish Barbie Doll Fur Coat.
  • Haute Couture Pet Coat for your Puppy or short haired Dog.
  • A Fur Cozy for your favorite Champagne Bottle.
  • Decorative Fur Trimmed Santa Claus.
  • A Festive Fur Trimmed Christmas Tree Skirt.




Fur Home Décor

Upcycle an outdated fur coat, a hand-me-down heritage fur, or resale shop scored vintage fur into cozy home décor!!!

  • Fur Pillows.
  • Fur Blankets, Fur Bed Spreads, or Fur Throws.
  • Fur Chair, Bench, Ottoman, or Fur Covered Foot Stool.
  • Fur Floor Coverings.

Join the Slow Fashion Movement. Take a PreLoved garment and make it a ReLoved Accessory Item, Novelty Item, or cozy Fur Home Décor pieces. 





No appointment is necessary to drop-off your fur and fine outerwear garment investments at York Furrier in the Elmhurst City Centre during YF Service Hours. The YF Staff and Design Team look forward to assisting YOU with ALL your Fur, Fine Outerwear, and Accessory Needs!