Fur & Fine Outerwear Services: ReWork, ReFurbish, and ReDesign Spring Shape-up


The time for spring cleaning has come, and that means more than just tidying up your home. Spring is the perfect time to tend to your fur, shearling, cashmere, or leather garment. If you have a piece in your closet that appears outdated (large shoulders, too long or oversize sleeves), it may be time to restyle your fur or fine outerwear garement into a completely new look! Here’s the TO DO list to make them fashionable again: 1. Our talented York Furrier Design Team will give your garment a complete inspection, whether it needs an updated fit, a modernized silhouette or a complete redesign. 2. After our team determines that your coat’s pelts are still supple, we will discuss design options, including:



Alterations: Refresh the collar from cape-like to a stand up, slim silhouettes by raising armholes, taper voluminous sleeves, & remove excess material from exaggerated styles. Whatever you choose, your newly altered garment will fit and look much better. Convert: Make a versatile vest from an outdated fox jacket. Shorten a full length mink coat to a more practical walking coat length. Or, add a hood for a more casual look. Converting your fur into a new style allows for additional years of enjoyment. Shearing: Create a new mink or beaver coat by shearing the long guard hair to reveal a soft, lightweight underfur which is smoother, sleeker, more supple and even more durable. Add a rain silk shell to create a versatile two-in-one style for both work or weekend wear. Repurposing: For garments that are beyond repair or restyling, consider using portions of the remaining fur to create luxe home décor items. We love doing this to create pillows, throws, chair covers or blankets! Cozy-up with a fur blanket on a cold Chicago winter evening, or add some warmth to a comfy couch with fur pillows, and no need for slippers when your floor is covered in fur! Add a touch of glam fur accent pieces to your updated home décor.


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Or, use your previously enjoyed fur garment to trim accessory items. Create hats, gloves boots or handbags. Add embellishments to collars, cuffs, or your favorite denim jacket. Fur is the ultimate recyclable, so use your old fur to create something new. 3. The Quote: Once you select your style, we will provide you with a project quote and estimated time frame for completion. We suggest you bring your garment early this summer to allow ample time for the York Design Team to work on your restyle project and schedule any necessary fittings. Allow 8-10 weeks for a complete restyle. This is the perfect time to stop- in so your new garment or piece is ready just in time for the winter months!




For more rework, refurbish, or redesign inspiration, check out our catalog, or stop in to talk to a member of our York Furrier Design Team in the Elmhurst or Deer Park store. We look forward to assisting you with your fur redesign project. Love your fur again!