On-Site Fur Cleaning & Conditioning

York Furrier is no longer taking in new service work. 

After 92 years in business, the doors to York Furrier will soon be permanently closed.

All storage garments, items in layaway, and service work items are required to be picked up now, and all balances need to be paid in full.

Cleaning is as necessary and important as summer storage to maintain your fur garment’s original brilliance and luster. When dust, dirt, oils, and other soiling substances are not removed from a fur garment, they will act as a sponge by drawing out natural oils. This will have an abrasive effect on the hairs of the furs causing the natural shine to appear old and tired. Dust, dirt, oils, and other soiling substances will accumulate on your furs even without wear, therefore we recommend getting your furs professionally cleaned yearly.

York Furrier cleans and conditions your furs and fine outerwear on-site using a gentle, environmentally friendly process. Do NOT have your furs, shearlings and precious fiber garments cleaned using the dry cleaning process used on your clothes. Dry cleaning uses chemicals that can dry out fur and make the leather brittle. When York Furrier cleans your fur, a custom process that has been specifically designed to clean and revitalize furs and fine outerwear is utilized. First the process removes the dirt and excess oils. Next, your fur is glazed to bring out its natural sheen and luster. This process preserves both the beauty and durability of your treasured fur garment.

York Furrier also provides essential hand cleaning and refinishing services for leathers, shearlings, suedes, and cashmeres. And, to protect against the effects of Chicago’s harsh weather, York offers a specialized Ultraguard® Protection treatment for suede, leather, and shearling garments. The Ultraguard® treatment helps protect suedes, leathers, and shearlings from stains, sun exposure, and UV rays leaving them in like new condition much longer.

York Furrier also provides cleaning for UGG boots and EMU boots. If you have any questions about the York Furrier fur cleaning process, Contact Us via email, Call 630-832-2200, or visit York Furrier in the Elmhurst City Centre store location during business hours.

All store labels are accepted. We would like to welcome clients of Hinsdale Furriers, American Fur Mart, Maximilian at Bloomingdale’s, and The Fur Vault at Macy’s, who are looking for a respected furrier to take proper care of their furs and fine outerwear. We offer professional on-site services. The YF staff is here to assist you with storage, cleaning and conditioning, repairs, alterations, and restyling.

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