Consignment items are reviewed by appointment only. If you have a garment that you would like to put on consignment, please contact one of our sales associates by phone at (630) 832-2200 during business hours to make an appointement.

York Furrier only accepts select fur garments for consignment. York Furrier does not BUY used fur garments outright.

Please note that York Furrier does not schedule consignment appointments between October and January.  

Have a fur coat that no longer fits or is past its style prime? Have you recently inherited a not-your-style fur coat? Or, perhaps you’re moving to a warmer climate. Consider taking advantage of the York Furrier Consignment Service.

Before you make the decision to sell your piece, check-out the ways York Furrier is able to update, alter or restyle your fur garment.

Your old fur garment also has value as a trade-in allowance toward a new fur garment.  A member of the York Furrier Staff will assist you with selecting a new mink, sheared mink or beaver, fox, lynx, or other fur fashion from the York Furrier 92nd Anniversary Collection.

When you do decide to consign your fur, York Furrier will help you SELL YOUR GENTLY USED FUR GARMENT . . . see below for details.

Biannually, York Furrier conducts a HUGE sale of “previously enjoyed” (USED) fur garments.  It’s best to consign your garment between the months of March and August.


The Consignment Process:

  1. Fur Inspection
    • To have your fur accepted for the York Furrier consignment sales, the fur garment MUST first be inspected by a member of the York Furrier Staff at our Elmhurst City Centre store location:107 N. York Street, Elmhurst, IL 60126 – (verbal information, appraisals, sales receipts, and photos will not substitute for a visual, in-person inspection). Though the outside of your fur may appear to be in “perfect condition” we must conduct a physical inspection to determine that the leather side of the fur pelts are still strong and supple (not dry and/or brittle). Call one of our sales associates at 630-832-2200 to schedule your weekday fur inspection appointment.
  2. Valuation
    • The York Furrier staff member will also be inspecting your used fur garment for any needed repairs, odors (heavy perfume, musty, or smoke), and general wear and tear. All furs must be recently cleaned prior to acceptance for consignment sale. Owners will be responsible for a nominal cleaning charge if necessary. Based on the fur garment’s age, fur type, size, and styling, as well as current economic conditions, you will be advised of the suggested resale value.
  3. Consignment Agreement/Terms
    • If you agree to the suggested resale value, a consignment agreement will be created and signed for your fur garment. This agreement will be valid for a one year period with an option to renew. If the garment does not sell at the first consignment sale, York Furrier may require lowering the suggested resale list amount for subsequent sales. Once the garment has sold, you will immediately be sent a check via USPS mail in the amount of your contracted price.

Please Note:

  • York Furrier does not BUY used fur garments outright.
  • Consignment Sales are held twice in a calendar year – generally early Fall and early Winter.
  • No consignment appointments will be scheduled between October and January.
  • Our goal is to help sell your used fur garment quickly! Therefore, we must be selective on accepting only gently used items which will be fairly priced based on current market conditions.

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