UGG Boot Cleaning

After donning your sheepskin boots on a daily basis through fall, winter and early spring, you may notice that your favorite footwear has become stained, discolored and perhaps a little stinky.  Trudging through snow, salted sidewalks and a muddy spring backyard will definitely make sheepskin boots look shoddy.  The experts at York Furrier will hand clean and condition your boots so they look great and are ready for action again. Care Tips for Sheepskin Boots at Home:

  • Do NOT put sheepskin boots in the washer or dryer!
  • Keep your boots away from heat vents.
  • Prior to wearing your boots, bring them to York Furrier to receive an Ultraguard® Protection treatment.  This will help to prevent staining and better repel moisture from rain and snow.
  • After a winter season of use, be sure to have boots cleaned before you store them in the closet for summer.  Salt and stains will set and damage the sheepskin if not tended to for a long period.


For professional cleaning by furrier method, drop-off your sheepskin boots at York Furrier during business hours.


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