Give Your Fur an Update Just in Time for Fall

Although you’re not quite ready to let go of summer (seems like it just arrived!) it’s time to start thinking about prepping your beloved furs for cooler weather.


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Beyond filling our racks with the latest must-haves like this versatile feathered fox sweater jacket that reverses to cashmere, we also offer care and services for your current garments. Looking to update an old look? No problem! Ready to sell that vintage mink jacket? We’ll make an offer! Here are a few of the basics to get you started.

Professional Fur Cleaning: First things first, take that gorgeous fur out of your closet and let us give it a good scrubbing! Well … not exactly. Our professional fur cleaning technique (unlike dry cleaning methods) is super gentle on pelts; tough on stains, odors, and mildew; and helps to revitalize your fur’s sheen and shine. Most importantly, regularly cleaning your fur and fine outerwear garments helps keep them wearable for many years to come.

Repairs and Alterations: Whether you have a coat in need of a hem repair, a vest that needs a new zipper, or a leather jacket with a nick, rip or tear, don’t worry! Our expert seamstresses will handle your garment with care and have it looking like new again. So get that gorgeous, floor-length mink coat shortened or add a detachable hood NOW - before the sidewalks get slushy and the temps take a polar plunge!




Fur Restyling and Shearing: It’s so fun to take a client’s once treasured fur garment and give it a like-new, modern update. Unexpected details, like adding fur trim to a cashmere or wool cape, will completely transform a look. Or maybe you want to ditch the sleeves and turn that walking coat into a chic, comfy vest. Many of our clients choose to reduce shoulder fullness, raise dolman armholes or taper sleeves on older style jackets. Or, choose to shear a long-hair fur coat to make it lighter weight with less volume which will make it perfect for shopping and errand running.




Fur Consignment: Now that you’re dreaming about your fall/winter fur fashion purchases, it’s time to make room in your closet for new goodies. For the coat that you definitely won’t be wearing anymore, consider consignment. York Furrier will find a new home for that oldie but goodie.

Here’s how it works … We inspect the fur garment and give you a suggested resale value. If you accept, we professionally clean the fur (at a nominal charge to the owner), place it for sale at one of our annual used fur events, give you a call when it sells, and promptly mail your check.

It’s that EASY! With crisp days and chilly nights not too far away, get your furs, shearlings, cashmeres and leather garments out of the closet and into either our Deer Park Town Center or Elmhurst City Centre location and put our expertise to work! The York Staff is ready to assist you with all your service needs. Other fur services include fur trade-ins, appraisals, fur insurance, wedding and special occasion rentals, and so much more! Visit for details.