Revamp & Restyle Old Furs for a Fresh Look

While fur coat shopping may be on the back burner this time of year, it IS the perfect season to think about revamping the furs already hanging in your closet (or the awesome vintage stole you just discovered at the local resale shop!). So many clients from around the Chicagoland area come to us with full length mink coats, or jackets created from blue fox, raccoon, or beaver pelts; fur fashions that, while at one time were very on trend, may have run their course in terms of style or wearability. Enter the skilled Design Team (professional furriers, finishers and seamstresses) at York Furrier! Our team offers years of experience transforming worn and outdated garments into stylish like new fur fashion. Whether your fur requires a mere stitch here and there OR a complete design overhaul, it’s smart to have the fur work done now so your new and improved coat will be ready when the weather changes yet again. We’ve pulled together a list of our most popular fur restyle options and a few photos to boot! A Quick Refresher. If your coat is looking a little more shabby than chic, let us take care of the basics. Repair or replace the lining, add missing buttons, hooks, or closures, replace broken zippers, close open seams, etc. If your coat was a hand-me-down from grandma on the TALL side of the family, we can easily shorten the hemline and sleeves to fit you properly. We also offer quality, professional fur cleaning services in case last winter took its toll and the lining is salt and slush stained.




Changing Styles. Now for the fun stuff! Turn a full length or walking coat into a wearable vest (at left), or glam out a simple cashmere cape with mink or fox fur trim. Revamp a heavy beaver coat by shearing the long hair and leaving the light underfur. Or, give your oversize mink jacket a slimmer silhouette by tapering the sleeves, reducing shoulder fullness, and cinching the waist. And, if you have a particular style in mind, bring in a photo and we’ll work with you to create a chic customized look.




In New Form. Who says an old coat has to stay wearable? Turn your outdated, unused furs into pillows, throws, blankets, rugs, even Teddy bears (like this adorable Chicago Bears Orange Mink Teddy!). This is the perfect way to keep a beloved heirloom in the family without feeling guilty about stuffing it away in a trunk.


Trade & Consign. In addition to restyling services we also offer both trade-in and consignment programs. Don’t let unused furs take up precious closet space – bring in your coat and we’ll provide a generous trade-in allowance toward a new and oh-so-you garment from the extensive York Collection. Or, opt to sell your older, outdated fur at one of our annual consignment sales (note, your fur must be professionally cleaned and pass a York Furrier inspection to be included in the consignment sale). Find more information about these and other offerings on the York Furrier fur services page. And feel free to stop by our Elmhurst location to talk with a York Furrier fur specialist in person about your new look!