York Furrier hosts a “ReFURbish” Event – In with the Old, Out with the New!

On Tuesday, November 7th, with the help of Susanna Homan, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Chicago Magazine and the Publisher and General Manager of Chicago’s Splash Magazine, York Furrier in Elmhurst hosted a much needed in-store event titled “In with the Old, Out with New!” Guests traveled from near (Elmhurst) and far (Wadsworth) bringing with them older fur coats that had become past their fashion prime, vintage furs found at estate sales, inherited furs that have been handed down from one generation to the next generations (grandma to mom then to granddaughter), and furs that frankly no longer fit as shapes have shifted. The York Furrier Staff and talented York Design Team were on hand to assist with ideas for trading-in, restyling or repurposing those older furs.

Fur Trade-Ins

For those not so stylish, unused or no longer loved fur garments just hanging in the closet and taking up space (you know, the late ‘80’s long hair beaver coat with the ginormous shoulders and bat wing sleeves!), York Furrier offers a generous fur trade-in allowance towards the purchase of a new fur coat – one that better fits you and your lifestyle. This season, the York Collection features lightweight, versatile styles that provide day into evening, and work or weekend wear. Choose a sheared mink walking coat that reverses to rainsilk (for double duty performance), a sheared beaver zip-up jacket with a fox trimmed detachable hood (perfect to protect against winter’s wind chill), or a colorful feathered fox demi-sleeve jacket (that perfectly pairs with denim or an evening gown). Visit York Furrier with something OLD (the mink cape you inherited from Great Aunt Millie) and trade-it- in towards something NEW to LOVE – a fur to wear every day, every where!


For minor repairs, a better fit, or complete fur restyling, the expert craftsmen (and women) at York Furrier will work with you to determine what your fur, shearling or leather garment needs to look its best for next season’s use. All work is completed on-site in the York Furrier design center and workrooms. Your garments will be pampered and revitalized for longevity of use.


Repair/Alteration Ideas

  • Shorten a full length fur to a walking coat or jacket
  • Adjust sleeve length – shorten, taper, or lengthen by adding a turn-back cuff
  • Repair or replace silk linings in a fur coat, shearling jacket or leather bolero
  • Add, change or cover a personalized monogram
  • Move or replace closures - buttons, hooks, rings, or zippers
  • Close open seams or repair small fur openings or tears
  • Replace faux fur with real fur on fabric or down jackets
  • Replace collar stays and/or secure the store’s label
Restyling Ideas to Update an Older Fur
  • Shear a long hair fur to reduce weight and fullness
  • Convert a full length fur coat into a reversible to rainsilk walking coat or zip-up vest
  • Reduce shoulder fullness and/or Raise dolman armholes
  • Taper the fur garment’s silhouette/Nip the waistline to create a fitted, more flattering style
  • Add a detachable hood to a fur jacket

Recycle/Repurpose a Fur Coat into Home Décor or Fur Accessories Now for something completely different . . . Instantly upgrade your living space by turning your old fur coat into a decorative fur pillow, a fur throw or rug, or soften a seat or chair cover with a touch of fur. Add glam to your favorite accessories by transforming a fur coat into a fur clutch, add fur trim to leather gloves, a pair of boots or make a fur scarf. Add fur embellishments to a denim jacket or a cloth coat’s collar or cuffs. Or, create an heirloom mink teddy bear, tiny fur baby booties, or create a chic coat for your canine  companion. The options abound!



Mink Teddy Bear



Other evening highlights at the “In with the OLD, Out with the New” event included: bubbles and bites provided by Chef Debbie Dietrich’s Cloudberry Catering and Tannin’s Wine Bar and Boutique, informal modeling of the York Furrier 86th Anniversary Collection by Tanya and Ramona, and door prize drawings for an array of gifts including a cocktail shaker with two martini glasses, fox fur purse charm/key chains, dinner certificates to local restaurants, and tickets for dinner and a performance at Drury Lane Theatre in Oak Brook. Begin your old fur makeover (stodgy to stunning) at York Furrier located in the Elmhurst City Centre at 107 N. York Street. The York Staff and Design Team look forward to assisting YOU!