Carol Pryhtko-Gallacher

For over a quarter of a century, Carol Pryhitko-Gallacher has created fine outerwear fashion from what she considers the most luxurious materials on Earth – shearling, cashmere, and leather.

According to Gallacher, nothing compares to the look and feel of shearling lamb – the soft velvety wools, the suppleness of suede finished Spanish merino shearling lamb, or the glamorous fur of a Toscana lamb pelt. Her collection features a diverse mix of garments – classic and contemporary – for men and women.

Her inspiration is taken from the intrinsic nature of the materials themselves, her customer’s need for styles that pair with work or weekend fashion, and a sensitivity to balancing proportions and detailed design. Seasonal favorites feature a colorful palette, added embellishments, and shapely silhouettes.